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Theology 101

Theology in its simplest definition, is the study of God in theory. Of course, it details much more than that, but it’s focus is on Christian scripture and God’s characteristics. Theology is important because it clarifies so much confusion through miss interpretation. The bottom line is without the proper education and understanding of hermeneutics and exegesis the misinterpretation of scripture will continue.

There are so many people out here that feel like outsiders to any religion or even to an organization. It doesn’t have to be church. People are hurting and they do not want to be judged. This is why theology is important. When it is interpreted correctly it removes the stigma’s associated with it. I’ve heard it all; I don’t fit in, I won’t be accepted, people will judge me, and I’m gay and you know how the church is. Like being gay should matter. Stigma’s. All stigma’s because of miss interpretation

My prayer is that I will be able to pass on to you the knowledge I gained while obtaining my master’s degrees. To help those who are confused, hurting and in need of understanding so they will realize just how loving and obtainable God is.


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