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Taborah Adams


Taborah has a master’s in Divinity and Christian Education and a bachelor’s in organizational leadership. She is an ordained minister and Certified Life Coach. Additionally, she is on the committee board of the Poor People’s Committee Board as the Raleigh Triangle Area Theomusicologist, as well as a volunteer at the North Carolina Correctional Institution for Women. She established Simple Life Ministries in December 2009. Responding to someone on a blog post, she signed her name as, Simple Life Ministries. To Taborah things are not as complicated as people often make them out to be. She believes answers are clear and easy to see when people are truly honest with themselves.

From Taborah


People are my passion. What motivates me is helping one to better themselves. What does that look like? It means offering your knowledge, skills, and whatever gifts you have been blessed with, so you can bless others. It means showing others the same love, mercy and grace you ask God to show you. It involves understanding that you must meet people where they are and help them grow by educating them and setting examples. It means extending patience to those who may need a little extra time. It means replacing the word no with the word yes, or we’ll figure it out…together.


Believe me people can get on my nerves at times, but I am not one to throw someone away. God has not thrown me away or given up on me and I try hard to exemplify God’s characteristics, although I know I fall short. I try. He shows me so much love, I would be selfish not to share it. I personally get deep pleasure in helping others. I smile when I make others smile. I want people to see in themselves, all the good that God has distilled in them. How all of their imperfections collectively are what makes them unique. Loving is so much easier than judging. With a little assistance, and eye opening conversations, I assist people in finding their true self and quite often their place in the Kingdom.


Supporting each other is vital in a world that beats you down.

~Taborah Adams

Mission Statement 

The mission of Simple Life Ministries is to minister, nurture, guide and support the spiritual, emotional, social, and intellectual growth of all people so they may develop personally and build a relationship with God.



Simple Life Ministries is committed to educating and supporting people, so they may see their potential, continue to strive for greatness and rise to success.

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